Welcome to the Perth 200 website!

Very few Canadian treasures can boast about being 200 years old.Logo - Perth 200 Colour Logo© (2)

Some exceptions: Newfoundland is well beyond that age range. Sir John. A. celebrates his 200th birthday this year. Heck, Quebec City doubled that age seven years ago.

The Town of Perth will soon join the 200-year-old ranks. In 2016, the Perth Military Settlement will celebrate its 200th year of its 1816 formation after the War of 1812. Two hundred years of history has crafted the eastern Ontario town that’s rich in architectural design and green space beauty, includes a long list of respected leaders and athletes, and continues to contain community members who contribute to a rich social setting that makes any Perthite proud to call home. To celebrate everything Perth, the Town of Perth will host three signature events in 2016. These three events highlight what’s best about our region – the beautiful landscape, our popular town natives, the rich history, and the desire to get together for one really good party. Welcome to the website that, over the next two years, will highlight these Signature Event plans, re-tell our history, and share the stories that make us all Perth Proud. If you want to stay connected to our site, then please sign up for our email list, which you can do so at the bottom of this page. Now, let’s get ready to light the birthday candles.


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