How to become a Perth 200th Sanctioned Event

If you’re an event organizer and plan to host something within the Perth area in 2016, well, oh, boy, do we ever want to hear from you!

The Perth Festival of the Maples would be a Perth 200th sanctioned event.

The Perth Festival of the Maples would be a Perth 200th sanctioned event.

As part of its anniversary plans, the Perth 200 advisory panel came up with the idea to have 200 sanctioned events for 2016. What does this mean? Essentially, it’s putting together a roster of local events happening in 2016 and showcasing it. To. The. World (cue fireworks).

The Town of Perth itself will be hosting three Signature Events. But part of Perth’s charm has to do with its active sports community, arts community, historical-focused community, and more. We want to ensure we give these events a tip of the ol’ hat when it comes to celebrating our town’s milestone anniversary. These sanctioned events will be posted on the Perth 200th website, and once we finalize the list, we’ll put together a pretty brochure that website visitors can download.

We’re currently putting this 200 sanctioned event list together, but we can’t do it without your help. There are so many existing annual events as well as specialized 2016 events in the works, and we need event organizers to reach out to us to give us the information about the sanctioned event. The advisory panel then reviews the requests for sanctioned events and we go from there.

This is where we envision someone putting up their hand and asking:

“So what information do you need from us, the event organizer?”

Wow, great question! Thanks for asking.

Please send an email to or fill out a Contact form with the following information:

Event Name:
Who is organizing the event:
Date and Time:
Two- to three-sentence paragraph about the event:
Costs (if any):
Contact details: website, etc.
If you’d like to use the Perth 200 logo in your promotional materials, you can fill out the application form, and send it our way. But you do not need to fill out this application form to be a sanctioned event! So please don’t hold off on reaching out to us.
We’ve already heard from a number of local organizations and groups who are putting together some exciting plans for the 200th! We can’t wait to hear about yours.

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