Which Perth Resident Would you Want to Meet?

Cathy here:

As we’ve been working on the Perth 200th Anniversary celebration plans, we’ve learned so, so much about our town and the people who have – and continue to – make this community what it is today.

We’ve learned about former mayors, military heroes, athletes, artists and many other people who have contributed to the community in their own special way.

If I had the opportunity to sit down with a Perthite over a pint (ice cream or beer, take your pick), I’d have to know who’s allowed to be on the list. So, here are the rules: there are no rules. Before we start to feel like this is a bad scene from another Fast and Furious movie, let me explain.

The Perthite could be someone who is either dead or alive, or is a current or past resident. It could be a specific person or a type of person. Heck, it could even be a ghost. Stick with me.

Now that we’ve reviewed those captivating rules, let’s think about which Perthite we’d like to meet. Here are a few people who come to mind:

Image Source: Wikipedia

Image Source: Wikipedia

1. John Wilson. John Wilson was on the winning (?) end of the fatal Last Duel in 1833. The story itself is fascinating. When I was recently at the Perth Museum looking at old letters, there was one written to a woman by a John Wilson. I think there’s more to his story, and I’d love to find out. But, I’d have a rule: no guns over dinner. Learn more about the Last Duel story.

2. The Ghosts at the Great War Memorial Hospital. Like I said, there are no rules to this game! For years, we’ve been regaled with stories of the ghosts who roam the hallways in the Perth hospital. What’s their story? Why do they like to remain in the hospital? Do they truly feel their future was predicted by one angry man? I bet they have witnessed some amazing scenes in that hospital. As a sidenote to the ghosts: please don’t visit me in my dreams.

5. A Mom from the early 1900s. As a new mom, there are so many wonderful moms I’ve recently met who are living in Perth! We have playdates at our homes, meet at the park, push our babies in strollers for a run and sing songs at the library. We also stay connected through our phones. I’d love to pick a mom’s brain from, say, the 1920s, and chat about how she connected with other moms in the community and raised her family. Did she have a social circle? Did she meet other moms along the Tay Canal for playdates? Did her husband live for Tuesday night golf? I’m guessing the answer would be yes to all three questions, but I bet she’d share wonderful stories about raising a family in a small town.

4. Terry Finnegan. I already know Terry, but there’d be so. many. stories. Over the years, he’s been involved in the community wearing many different hats. He’d have some good insight about Perth yesterday and Perth today.

Image Source: CBC

Image Source: CBC

5. Ian Millar. He’d be on everyone’s list, no? The eight-time Olympian has travelled the world, but still calls Perth home. He’s made us all proud, so I’d want to know what makes him proud. Then I’d ask him if I could try on his Olympic medal. I figure our time together would go downhill from there.

I’m confident I’d change this list a hundred times, as there are so many Perthites I’d like to meet.

Now it’s your turn.

Tell us: Which Perthite Would you Like to Meet? Please comment below or tell us in our Facebook feed!


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