What happens after a trip to America

Hi, guys and gals!

This is just a quick note to share a personal reflection we had over the weekend. Toby and I (as in, Cathy) packed up the kiddos this past weekend for a family visit down to New York (the state, not the city. Could you imagine navigating a toddler through Central Square? Who am I kidding? I’d be the one struggling with the crowds…). ANYWAY – when we arrived to our destination, the Village of Deposit, NY,  we learned a bit more about its history. The area celebrated its bicentennial in 1989, which means they’re ahead of our 2016 milestone anniversary.

The one thing Deposit has in common with Perth is its location. Located along the Delaware River, Deposit was an ideal landing ground in the Catskills. The logging industry was huge, which explains the name as they’d deposit the logs into the Delaware River and flow them down to Philadelphia.

The Perth Museum

The Perth Museum

We got talking about how we tend to know a lot about American history, and it made us think about just how much history lies behind Perth’s story.

We recently got to watch the independent film, The Story of Perth: Part One. Created by Sharon and Robert Newton, the 90-minute film shares Perth’s story and the people and landmarks behind it. Interviewing local residents, the filmmakers made a good attempt to share Perth’s story. As they have said, there is so much to tell, which is why they’re working on “Part Two”.

It’s so important – and interesting – to understand Perth’s history and how this area got created. Who are the people? What are the stories behind our street names? Why, oh why, can’t we have as many whiskey distilleries as we once did?

Here are four ways you can learn more about Perth’s history this summer:

1. Watch the Story of Perth: Part One. It’s for sale at the Perth Museum.

2. Tour the Perth Museum. Yah, yah, you took the tour back in elementary school. But you likely forgot most of the stories that unfold during a museum tour. The museum offers tours throughout the summer months, and you can call Karen Rennie at 613-267-1947 for more information.

3. Do a Self-guided Historical Walking Tour. Perth Tourism has a Perth Walking Tour map (PDF) you can download and print off on its website. You can navigate your way through town while learning about the town’s people and buildings.

4. Take a Guided LIVE walking tour! The Classic Theatre Festival has brought Perth’s history alive with a real-life historical walking tour. Don’t worry – they’re just actors portraying the past. They didn’t invite ghosts back for any re-enactments (I really have a thing about ghosts, don’t I?). Learn more about the live walking tours.

Question: What’s your favourite way to learn about Perth’s history?



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