A Souvenir of Memories

We are so excited to officially announce and online Perth 200 souvenir shop! But in order to do so, we’re going to turn it over to David Bromley.Tayside Bakery Perth 200th

David, who is a Perth native and designed our Perth 200 Anniversary logo, approached the Town of Perth with an idea – an amazing idea.

Over the past few months, you have likely come across David’s Perth Remembered Facebook page. On it, he’s posted photos of days gone by in Perth, chronicling sporting events, dignitary visits and buildings from the past. He’s really helped re-ignite civic pride, and so when he came to us with his next idea, we were thrilled to show our support.

David has started up a Zazzle website, and on it, he’s posted dozens of souvenirs items for sale. He has re-created logos once used by Perth businesses or organizations that are no longer in use. Harry’s Café, the Bright Spot and the Minute Man are just some of his re-creations. He’s also put together some images supplied by the Perth Museum and he even re-created the Mammoth Cheese reproduction poster (we envision it in our living room!).

He approached the Town and offered to supply a percentage of the proceeds to help with the Perth 200th anniversary fundraising efforts. As we’ve said in the past, in order to host our three signature events in 2016, we need fundraising and sponsorship dollars. Our souvenirs are part of that plan, and so we were happy to partner up with David who has crafted such a creative idea that once again encourages civic pride.

We’ve given David access to sell items with the Perth 200 logo on it. You can buy t-shirts, trucker hats, aprons, keychains and so much more. Take your pick.

These items will make for fantastic gift ideas and keepsakes, and we know they’ll be popular, especially as we near the Perth 200 celebrations.

We’ll be bringing some of the Perth 200th items to life, and sell them in Perth. For now, you can order them online by visiting zazzle.com/perthremembered.

Happy shopping, Perth.


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