Get Fresh at this Weekend’s Harvest Festival

Lanark County Harvest Festival

Lanark County Harvest Festival

The Lanark County Harvest Festival takes place this Sunday, Sept. 13 at Beckwith Park, and it’s the perfect way to meet and see the backbone of our community: the agricultural crew.

From berries to maple syrup to organic meat, the free, outdoor Harvest Festival has dozens of Lanark-county-based producers set to showcase their goods to the community.

Since it first launched three years ago, the Harvest Festival highlights a featured municipality each year. This year, our friends from Tay Valley Township is the featured community. Tay Valley Township-based producers on the vendor roster this Sunday are Mississippi Berries, Sylvia’s Plants, Greenwood Organics, Blue Heron Pastures and Julie Burke.

Imagine inviting these guys to your place for dinner? You’d dine on delicious meat and veggies while surrounded by gorgeous flower arrangements and paintings. You’d then cap the night off with a head-swooning strawberry dessert.

The Harvest Festival also includes live entertainment, children’s activities, food seminars and cooking demonstrations, and an evening Harvest dinner from 4-6 p.m. hosted by four Beckwith churches. The cost for the dinner is $12 each and takes place at the Beckwith Recreation Complex.

The 200th anniversary organizers will have a booth at the Harvest Festival, where visitors can learn about the plans for 2016, as well as purchase souvenir items including t-shirts, cookbooks and calendars.

For more information and a the full schedule, visit the Harvest Festival website.

See you there!


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