Why You Should Leave it to the Professionals (And a Perth Proud Launch)

There are times in life when you should totally take a chance and take a stab at something you’ve never done before. But, then…there are also times you should just leave it to the pros.

Case in point? A chalkboard painted frame.

Last month, Spring Children co-owner Pamela Gordan came to us with an idea for our Perth 200th anniversary plans. We should have people take a photo holding onto a chalkboard picture frame, outlining why they love their community. It could turn into a social media campaign that showcases others’ Perth pride.

We conversed, and thought up a great way to verbalize it. On it, we’ll have painted, “I am Perth Proud because…”, and then have people fill in their answers below in chalk. We’ll wipe out the answer for every new use. Such a great idea, right?

Pam even painted one of her gorgeous frames and sprayed painted a chalkboard base onto the center. It was all ready to go.

“You just need to paint the letters,” Pam said.

“No problem,” I (being Cathy) thought to myself. “How hard could it be?”

So I grabbed some paint brushes and yellow paint from the dollar store, took it outside and free-styled it. By free-style, I mean made it look like a two-year-old who drank four cups of coffee painted it.

Exhibit A:
I am Perth Proud Because Before

Once I completed it, I kept studying it from afar. I’d sneak peeks as it sat in the office, most likely depressed. ‘It’s fine,’ I’d think, trying to convince myself that it’s about the point of the Perth Proud campaign, and not the beauty. Finally, one morning I said it out loud: “It’s awful.”

I emailed Jaana Brett of the Paaper Shop, asking for her help. She kindly accepted, saw my initial attempt, and took it home. A week later, I get an email with an attached photo from Jaana: “Does this look okay?” she asked.

Exhibit B:

I am Perth Proud Because

Ummm…it’s only four million times better.

What’s the lesson here? Sometimes it’s best to leave it to the pros. Jaana did such a great job, and we’ll be proud using this frame as we ask people to share their thoughts on their Perth Pride.

The “I am Perth Proud Because…” Campaign

Over the next month, we’ll be visiting local business owners, asking them to write down their reason for being Perth Proud. We’ll also have it at events, and if people want to take part, they’re certainly welcome to do so! We’ll have chalk on hand, and encourage residents and visitors to share their reason with us.

And there’s no need to ever mention my art skills again.


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