An FAQ on the 2-0-0

While the Town and its amazing volunteers have been working on the 200th anniversary plans since 2008, you may not know all of the details and planning that have gone into the celebrations. So we wanted to open up the dialogue about the 200th, since, a) we want you to plan to be there! and, b) you’re going to be our best ambassador to help spread the word about the bicentennial.

We then thought, what better way to do so than by pulling together some FAQs to help answer those questions? Here goes:

What events are happening for the Perth 200th?

The Town of Perth is organizing three Signature Events – Fire and Ice, the Provincial Town Crier Championship and the Blast from the Past Homecoming Weekend.

What’s the Fire and Ice?

Fire & Ice 2015 (32 of 67)It’s a day-long winter celebration happening on February 13! The Town ran it for the first time last year, where families were encouraged to get together at Conlon Farm and use it as an outdoor playground.

Then, later that night, the Crystal Palace doors will open, inviting people (19+) in for a frosty celebration with live entertainment from the Riq Turner Band, an ice bar and an up-close view of the Fireworks set to launch from the Drummond Street bridge. It’s the town’s official 200th anniversary celebration kick-off.

The Provincial Town Crier Championship is one of your signature events. What can I expect?

We’ll be welcoming about 20-25 town criers to our town, where they’ll complete three cries over a two-day period: a historically focused cry on the Perth Military Settlement; a promotional cry in which each crier will be given the name of a local business and perform a cry promoting that specific business’ offerings and wares; and a humour cry. These criers put a lot of preparation into their work, and it’s all going to take place at the Tay Basin and Stewart Park. The public is invited to come and watch these cries and welcome these Town Criers to our special town.

Meanwhile, the town will witness many other historically focused events happening that same weekend. The arrival of the first settlers to the Perth Military Settlement in 1816 will be commemorated with a re-enactment being organized by the “Settlers Trek 2016 Committee”, a volunteer group with connections to area historical societies, museums and municipal organizations. Part of the excitement will include the arrival of a flotilla into the Tay Basin on Friday, May 20, marking the end of the eight-day journey originating from Brockville. Some of those trekkers will be at the Tay Basin on the Saturday, where they’ll invite the public to learn more about their history and encampment.

That Sunday, the Friends of Queen’s University will host a special ceremony revealing the William Morris plaque at the corner of Herriott and Gore streets. We’ll outline more information as the time approaches.

What’s happening for the Homecoming weekend?

We just updated our Blast from the Past homecoming weekend page! Take a look, as it provides you with an overview of the weekend’s plans. We are ironing out plans for a three-day BBQ Block Party at the Fairgrounds, as well as a parade, Tattoo Performance and fireworks show. There are also so many other great things happening that same weekend including theatre shows, a stonecarvers’ festival and the PDCI Reunion.

But aren’t there 200 events happening in Perth in 2016?

The Perth Polar Bear Plunge is one of the amazing sanctioned events planned for  2016.

The Perth Polar Bear Plunge is one of the amazing sanctioned events planned for 2016.

We hope so! We’re currently compiling a list of events taking place in the Perth region next year, and plan to list it right here on our website. There are the annual popular events as well as some amazing special happenings slated for 2016 in Perth and area because of the 200th. We’ll release this list soon. In the meantime, you can check out the 2016 Calendar list of events which you can also find inside the 200th Anniversary Calendar now for sale.

The 200th anniversary doesn’t stop at the town’s boundaries. The Perth Military Settlement consists of three other municipalities: Beckwith, Drummond/North Elmsley and Tay Valley townships. Each municipality also has special events to commemorate the 200th. To learn about their anniversary plans, visit the Lanark County 200th Anniversary Website.

What if I want to get involved?

That’s great to hear!  These events won’t happen without volunteers, and we’re thrilled by your willingness to help out and show off your community. Please get in touch with us, as we are going to need volunteers for all three of our signature events, as well as at some fundraising events. We’ll also need some help throughout the planning phases.

As a way to thank you for giving your time, we’ll want to give you a big hug; instead, we’ll wrap you up in a Perth 200th t-shirt. Don’t worry – we won’t make this awkward.

You can fill out the contact form on the volunteer page, and we’ll follow-up with you.

What if I have more questions?

Then we have more answers. Just send Cathy an email, or call the Perth Museum for more information at 1-855-326-1947.


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