Carrot Cake, 20 years and the Sunflower Bake Shop

Highlighting Perth-area businesses celebrating milestone anniversaries in 2015

When Tamara Woods opened up The Sunflower Bake Shop 20 years ago this weekend, she started small. And, although it launched with two employees and baking a small number of products in a 500-square-foot space on Herriott Street, the bakery quickly proved itself as a must-eat hotspot in Perth.

The Sunflower Bake Shop eventually moved to its current location in a renovated 1800s building on Gore Street. With gorgeous river-side views and a stream of delicious smells escaping the shop, it’s easy to see why it’s remained a popular place for residents and tourists to stop in for lunch or to pick up a treat for a special occasion.Sunflower Bake Shop

Since she first opened her doors in 1995, Tamara says they continue to pride themselves on what they do.

“From the baking of our fresh hand-shaped artisan breads, to the sandwiches and salads made fresh daily, to the wide selection of sweet delights, all of our offerings are made from scratch, with the freshest of ingredients, with the love and attention of human hands,” she says.

She attributes the business’ success to her team.

“The Sunflower is the special place it is because of the fantastic team of people who work hard every day with pride to produce food for the public,” she explains. “Each one of them – both present and past – contributes to what makes The Sunflower Bake Shop the magical place it is. Their smiles, laughter, and love go into each handcrafted item that is enjoyed by our customers.”

And what’s the shop’s best seller? Let’s be serious, you already know this answer…

“I cannot go anywhere – even on private time – without a carrot cake in my car,” says Tamara. “We sell so much carrot cake it is crazy! It is our best seller and most popular item for sure!”

Tamara says that after running her business in Perth for the past two decades, she has truly witnessed what a special community it is to her and to its residents.

“With its natural beauty with the shores of the Tay running past our doors, to the fantastic culture and variety within the population to the festivals and sporting events, to the farmers’ markets and artisan tours – Perth just has so much to offer,” says Tamara. “We feel blessed to work in such a vibrant interesting community. The support and loyalty of our local clientele is felt every day.”

This Saturday, Oct. 17, The Sunflower Bake Shop will celebrate its 20th anniversary by hosting an anniversary celebration from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. where they’ll be baking fresh pizzas on an outdoor oven.

Congratulations, Tamara and team, on your success!

Who else is celebrating a milestone anniversary this year?

We reached out to our Facebook friends earlier this year, and we realized how business experience and success remains a true attribute of our busy, little community’s story. Here are a few businesses celebrating milestone anniversaries in 2015.

Burns’ Jewellers celebrates its diamond anniversary – 90 years! How appropriate is that?!

Michael’s Table turned five years old, and is a popular spot on the restaurant scene.

The Perth Golf Course teed up for its 125th anniversary. It remains an important staple in our town’s history and everyday life.

Although it’s not located in Perth, it does service this area – The Lanark Era turns 190 years young in 2015. In fact, the very first edition of the Era came out on July 24, 1895. The front page says it was issued every Wednesday from “the office of the Proprietor, in Lanark Village,” with subscriptions $1 per year, and advertising rates eight cents per line. Current owner Gena Gibson used to write for the Perth Courier before purchasing the Era. She says it’s fun being her own boss, and that they still have the same vision for the newspaper, and that’s to cover local issues, and make people want to read it every week.

Congratulations to these businesses on your success! We feel it deserves a little carrot cake.

Have we missed a business celebrating a milestone anniversary? If so, please send us a note!


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