Write a song for the 200th Anniversary

Stewart Park Festival Organizers host Songwriting Competition to Commemorate the 200th

2016 SPF Songwriting Competition posterThe Stewart Park Festival organizers have come up with an idea that bridges two things that mean a lot to our community: our civic pride and musical craftsmanship.

To commemorate the Perth Military Settlement’s 200th Anniversary, the Stewart Park Festival organizers have launched a songwriting competition. They’re reaching out to musicians, and asking them to develop a song that speaks to what the Perth Military Settlement means to them and, well, to all of us!

“Music has a long and storied history in the Perth area. It’s in our blood. It’s part of who we are,” says SPF Chair, John McKenty. “The Perth Citizens’ Band has been an integral part of the musical and cultural heritage of the Town of Perth since 1852 and is the oldest continuously operating band in Canada. In the end, music is an effective way to remember who we are as a community and the efforts of those who came before us.”

The winner of the songwriting competition will be unveiled at a special show on July 14, 2016, which is the Thursday leading up to the 2016 Stewart Park Festival. The winning entry will receive a cash prize, as well as the opportunity to perform on the main stage at the 2016 Festival. The Festival is also hoping to produce a commemorative CD of the top 5 or 6 entries.

The Stewart Park Festival crew came up with some potential leads:

  1. The Devil’s Brew (The Ballad of John A. McLaren)
  2. The Ferryman’s Ghosts (The Story of John Oliver – Rideau Ferry)
  3. A Big Cheese Goes to Chicago (1893 World’s Fair)
  4. Trouble at the Trestle (Mud Lake)
  5. Sole Survivor (Denny and the Cobbler Shop)
  6. Pay Up Brother (The Curse of John Glass Malloch)
  7. Haggart’s Folly (History of the Tay Canal)
  8. Creating Sparks (Showman extraordinaire R. W. Marks)
  9. The World According to Bell (Rev. Bell’s look at early pioneer life)
  10. River Rights (The life of lumber baron Senator Peter McLaren)

What better way to recognize and honour our historical legacy than through the gift of song? Pick a personality, pick an event of historical importance from 1816 to 2016, put it to music and help make our story come alive. What’s there not to love about this contest?

The contest closes on Dec. 31, 2015. For further details and to download the entry form, please visit the Stewart Park Festival website.

We can’t wait to hear what you put together.


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