How Perth Churches plan to ‘Ring’ in the New Year

When the clock strikes midnight on January 1, 2016, the Perth Church community will honour the Perth Military Settlement’s 200th anniversary in a very special way: by ringing the Church bells.St James Church

A beautiful medley of the church bells will ring across the town’s landscape as several local churches plan to ring its bells at midnight on January 1, for 200 seconds to commemorate the area’s bicentennial.

It’s a nice way for the churches to honour the 200th, especially since each of these establishments have played such a vital role in our community’s history.

So, if you’re ringing in the New Year in Perth you get to experience this unique way our settlement will be commemorated. And – if you’re asleep in Perth at that time, and the bells wake you up – just think of it as a simple reminder to wish our pretty little town a Happy 200th.


5 thoughts on “How Perth Churches plan to ‘Ring’ in the New Year

  1. JoanBradley says:

    This is such a great way to Ring in the New Year!Perth 200th Anniversary!Wouldn’t it be nice to hear all churches ring in the New Year all around the world Bringing love and peace to all!


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