What’s your Perth-based New Year’s Resolution?

January 1 is only 26 days away – you know what that means, don’t you?

New Year’s Resolutions begin.

Sure, we all have good intentions, but do you even remember what your 2015 resolution was all about? Ya, us neither.

So, we thought we’d come up with a fun way to cross something off your bucket list while fulfilling that annual tradition: create a Perth-based New Year’s Resolution.

There are so many Perth and area events and fundraisers that have a special (and sometimes challenging) spin. While you have been intrigued, you’ve never moved forward to take part. This year, make your New Year’s resolution Perth focused, in that you’ll accomplish a goal while taking part in a local initiative.

Here’s what we mean:

Resolution: Jump in The Perth Polar Bear Plunge:

Perth Polar Bear PlungeIt’s New Year’s Day. It’s cold. And your head may be a little sore. What better way to start the New Year than to jump into freezing cold water and take part in the Annual Perth Polar Bear Plunge? This year’s charitable recipient is the GWM Hospital Foundation.

It’s only about a 30-second shock to your body, and you’ll earn bragging rights and a free breakfast.

The best part? You’ll cross your resolution off Jan. 1!


Resolution: Be in a Play:

Perth has a massive theatrical community. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for one more! If you’ve always wanted to get on stage, or at least be a part of a show production, then 2016 is your year to do it.

Whether it’s theatre or music, the amount of opportunities available outside your front door are ongoing. Take an online gander through all the local groups putting on shows this year, and find out how you can be a part of it.


Resolution: Run in The Perth Kilt Run:

Perth Kilt Run 2Since it first started, you’ve cheered on the sidelines. But what if you got fancy this year and put on a kilt to actually take part in the Perth Kilt Run? It’s going to be a most memorable event this year for the 200th, and you’d never regret being a part of it.

What’s that? You’ve already run in the Perth Kilt Run? Then make a half- or full-marathon your should-do Perth Bucket List item. This is the first year the organizing crew will host the 21.k-km and 42.2-km routes. There are few excuses when the races take place in your very own backyard.


Resolution: Give my Time.

While some of us resolve to ‘eat less chocolate’ in the New Year, others decide to find a way to give back. You can do so by giving your time through volunteering.

Whether it’s with The Table, The Community Foundation, The Stewart Park Festival, the Canadian Cancer Society or via a service club, this town has no shortage of volunteer opportunities to help make our community the special place it is today.

Here’s our challenge to you: make 2016 the year you make a Perth-based New Year’s Resolution. We’re only turning 200 years old once, and you only live once – let’s make it count.

Question: what would be your Perth-based New Year’s Resolution?


2 thoughts on “What’s your Perth-based New Year’s Resolution?

  1. acstillar@sympatico.ca says:

    Cathy, I’ve been following your blog on the 200th anniversary of the Perth Military Settlement and look forward to all of the events of 2016. I’m a historian in Toronto who’s researching the Perth Settlement, and I’d like to offer to make a public presentation of my research next May or June. I hope you can help me arrange such an event with organizers in Perth. My research on the military settlement has a personal angle. My great-great grandfather, Andreas Steller (1781-1852), a veteran of the War of 1812 in De Watteville’s Regiment, received a land grant in Bathurst Township in June 1816 and was one of the few “foreign soldiers” who put down permanent roots in the Perth area. His farm stayed in family hands until 2003. His story, in an age of revolution and world war, is fascinating: it moves from his birth in the Rhineland of Germany, through conscription into Napoleon’s army in Spain, to service in the British Army and fighting the Americans in Upper Canada, and ends in decades of peace in Perth. Much of the history of Perth focuses on the settlement of Scots, but in fact there was an exotic mix of settlers of many nationalities. The story of Andreas Steller gives a chance to explore that rich, early history. A working title for my presentation might be Andreas Steller, a “foreign soldier” in the Perth Military Settlement. I would augment the talk with many illustrations and include time for questions-and-answers and discussion. I look forward to your reaction to my proposal and hope to make contact with organizers who can make my proposal a reality. Alan StillarToronto416-920-2532

    Date: Mon, 7 Dec 2015 14:24:43 +0000 To: acstillar@sympatico.ca


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