Perth Brewery Set to Launch 200th Anniversary Ale

Perth BreweryPerth Brewery wants to honour the Perth Military Settlement’s 200th anniversary. And they’ve done it the best way they know how: by crafting a new beer that pays homage to our community’s roots.

Perth Brewery co-owner Jeremy Steeves says when the 200th anniversary date was approaching, they wanted to do something special.

“We’ve been wanting to do something for a while as it’s a big birthday for Perth,” he says. “We know the area has such a varied history with alcohol, and we wanted to find a way to incorporate our past with this year’s celebrations,” he says.

So they went back to the history books.

The 80 shilling (Scottish Export Ale) was crafted by co-head brew masters, Josh Vance and Meag Durkin.

Durkin, who recently graduated from Niagara College Teaching Brewery, gave us a history lesson in Scottish beer.

“Back in the 1800s, people would pay for beer based on its alcohol level,” she says. “These prices ranged from 60 to 90 shillings. The stronger the beer, the higher the cost.”

The 80 shilling brew was a common style consumed by Scotsmen in the 19th century. In turn, it’s safe to say our Scottish settlers would have been sipping on an 80 shilling brew in our region’s early days.

While dark in colour, the beer itself is a mild, easy-drinking ale. We felt it was necessary to test out the brew to decide for ourselves. Verdict? It’s delicious.

It needs a name!

Although Perth Brewery’s latest product is ready to go, there’s still one thing missing: a name! The staff have brainstormed a few good ideas, but want to see if the community can come up with something better.

“We’re reaching out to the public to get their input,” says Steeves. “They know this region best, and we want name ideas that best reflect Perth.”

To submit your idea, head over to the Perth Brewery Facebook page. You can also drop by the brewery, which is open 7 days a week.

New Perth Brewery 200th Anniversary Ale to launch at Fire and Ice!

The community will get to taste the new brew for the first at the Town of Perth’s Fire & Ice event on Feb. 13! That’s also when the Perth Brewery will announce the beer’s name. Taking place at the Crystal Palace in downtown Perth from 7 p.m. to midnight, Fire & Ice will include a 10-foot custom-made ice bar, to which Perth Brewery is not only a sponsor, but they’ll also be serving pints from behind that bar. They’ll have a few selections on hand, including the new brew.

To get your tickets to Fire & Ice, visit the Perth Town Hall or the Perth Museum. Tickets are $5 each and it’s a 19+ event.

To learn more about Perth Brewery, visit the Perth Brewery website.


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