Blue Rodeo is coming to Perth!


Some answers to your Blue Rodeo Questions

It Hasn’t Hit Me Yet that Blue Rodeo is actually coming to Perth! It isn’t Bad Timing if we’re Lost Together for Five Days in May…

Okay, okay, enough with the song-y puns.

As Perth Mayor John Fenik announced at our Fire & Ice event on Feb. 13 – Yes, Blue Rodeo is coming to Perth, Ontario for our Blast from the Past Homecoming weekend, where they’ll perform at the Perth Fairgrounds on Saturday, July 23, 2016.

There are so many questions, and we’re so thrilled by your excitement. We can’t wait for the Homecoming weekend, and this concert is the icing on the cake.

While we’ve confirmed the Juno-award winning band for our special anniversary weekend, we’re still finalizing the set-up plans and ticket sale information.

We will let you know as soon as that’s finalized. In the meantime, here are a few answers to your questions.

When are they performing?

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Where are they performing?

The Perth Fairgrounds

Will Jim Cuddy sing Happy Birthday to me?

Probably not. But maybe you’ll get a wink from on stage.

How can we get tickets?

Tickets will be sold online, with an expected release date of early spring. We’ll ensure we communicate the ticket sale and date information well in advance.

How many tickets will be sold?

We are estimating approximately 2,500 tickets will be sold to the public. Again, we will finalize those numbers.

Did the Town really agree to spend $100,000 on Blue Rodeo?

In a way, yes. The Town’s original business plan for the 200th anniversary was to bring in a headliner act for the Homecoming weekend. We wanted to do a special concert to commemorate our big celebration.

But those big ideas come with a price tag. The costs includes the band fees as well as the set-up costs required to host such an event including stage, sound and lights.

That said, the Town isn’t in this celebration business to make or lose money. Instead, the Homecoming weekend costs will be covered through ticket sales, sponsorship, fundraising and grant dollars.

Can I volunteer?

Yes! If you’d like to volunteer your time at the Homecoming weekend, please fill out a contact form. But please note that volunteering your time, while completely and utterly appreciated (we’d even send an awkward hug your way), doesn’t guarantee access to the Blue Rodeo concert.

Can Jim Cuddy at least give me an awkward hug?

These questions are getting awkward.

How can I stay in touch and be sure I’m in the know for this concert, and all Perth 200th anniversary celebration details?

You can sign up to receive our blog posts, which will go straight to your inbox! Please also follow our Perth200 Facebook page.




13 thoughts on “Blue Rodeo is coming to Perth!

  1. Bev Mayhew says:

    I love Blue Rodeo!!!!! I saw them on Feb. 14 and I would love to see them again.
    I went to P&DCI, so it would be special to see Blue Rodeo in Perth!!!


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