Fire & Ice Recap: In Photos

Fire & Ice can mean a lot of things to a lot of people – including Mother Nature. She certainly had plans for our special day on Feb. 13, 2016. Those plans included -40-degree temperatures, which resulted in a weather warning, frostbite warning and a furnace that decides to stop working (or was that just us?)

Although Mother Nature’s plans rang true, hers didn’t necessarily alter ours. Instead, we had an unforgettable day that celebrated all things Perth in the middle of winter; they included family activities, community spirit, and a good old-fashioned party.

Fire & Ice: Daytime Activities

When we arrived at Conlon Farm in the morning to prepare for our Fire & Ice outdoor activities, things weren’t looking good. The wind was blowing across the open fields, leaving many of us questioning our sanity – even more so than usual. We made an executive decision to decrease the day by an hour and opening up free family swimming at the indoor pool.

While we continued to curse the weather, we knew we had to roll with what came our way. We still ended up seeing families pull into the parking lot, take part in some of the activities and wrap it up with facepainting inside the chalet. It was a true testament that our Canadian climate doesn’t terrify us all.

Here’s a recap in photos:

We hosted three rounds of capture the flag.

We hosted three rounds of capture the flag.

Frozen, frisbee golf = Frolf!

Frozen, frisbee golf = Frolf!

The Hockey Shootout Challenge

The Hockey Shootout Challenge

A good sport

A good sport

Fire and Ice Perth Ontario

The Youth Obstacle Course

Even the parents got involved!

Even the parents got involved!

Overall, we were impressed by those who came out, especially with the frigid temperatures. We lamented just how big the event would have been if the weather had been 20 degrees warmer! With that, we thank our sponsors for making the event a reality:


Shaw Direct Satellite TV


Lake 88

Fire & Ice: Nighttime Celebration

What an atmosphere. The Crystal Palace, combined with a gorgeous ice bar, the Riq Turner Band and fireworks made for the perfect combination to launch our Town’s anniversary celebrations.

At one point, we had more than 350 people inside the Palace. They were Re-connecting. Dancing. Selfy-ing. Laughing. Freezing. Celebrating.

The event was amazing, and the icing on the cake was when Perth Mayor John Fenik announced that Blue Rodeo will be performing at our our Homecoming celebration on July 23, 2016.

Here’s a recap:

Party On, Wayne

Party On, Wayne

Fire and Ice Perth Ontario

The Riq Turner Band

Icy Shots

Icy Shots

Perth Brewery's Jeremy Steeves pours a cold one.

Perth Brewery’s Jeremy Steeves pours a cold one.

Top Shelf Distillers' Drink Luge

Top Shelf Distillers’ Drink Luge

Fire and Ice Perth Ontario

Full House! Or, because it’s 2016, Fuller House.

Fire and Ice Perth Ontario

The beautiful fireworks show given by the Perth Volunteer Firefighters’ Association

All in all? It was an amazing celebration honouring our past, celebrating our present and looking to the future.

A big thanks goes out to our nighttime sponsors, including Perth Brewery, Top Shelf Distillers, and the Perth Volunteer Firefighters’ Association.

Most importantly, these events wouldn’t happen with our staff and volunteers. Each person put a lot of effort into making the day happen. For that, we thank you.

Now…onto the Provincial Town Crier Championships!



2 thoughts on “Fire & Ice Recap: In Photos

  1. Colleen says:

    Fire and Ice was a great way to stop the cold and enjoy some warm music by the Riq Turner Band. The drinks were warm or cold which ever your preference. Loved the ice bar and we kept warm dancing and having fun.


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