A Personal Perspective on the Perth Walking Food Tour

A Personal Perspective on the Perth Walking Food Tour

Hello, hello – Cathy here!

I am just writing a quick post about my personal reflection on the Perth Walking Food Tour which launched for the first time this past Saturday.. Perth Walking Food Tour

While I was on hand to act as support to the tour guides (and eat any extra samples), I had the chance to soak in our town with a fresh set of eyes.

Every day, I drive down Gore Street. I walk past shops. I park in the parking lots. I eat at the restaurants (okay, maybe not every day, but you see where I’m going with it).

It’s obvious the downtown core is beautiful. I’ve always known that. I’ve lived here most my life. But I didn’t know the WHY behind the landscape, the buildings and the restaurants.

Why were the buildings built the way they were? Why are there walkways built between buildings? Why does the Tay Canal end where it ends?

The common answer was usually this: because of the people.

The stories told about the past people of Perth really shone a new light on this little town for me. I noticed the ‘W’ engraved into the front of the Perth Courier building. I realized there was a stone marking two parks; I looked up at the second floor of the Foster Street buildings. I never before saw the words “Balderson Theatre” inscribed in a storefront window.

The tour  forced me to actually take time to digest the stories that have formed our town.

While the stories are unforgettable, the food was drool-worthy. The participating restaurants were amazing hosts, and the tour guests raved about the food and the atmospheres. We even got to hear a wedding ceremony.

Perth Walking Food TourHere’s who is a part of the tour (I’m listing them in alphabetical order to keep some suspense about the route):

The Perth Walking Food Tour runs each Saturday until June 25. It starts at 1 p.m. and lasts about three hours. Some dates are sold out, but you can still get tickets to specific dates. Call the Perth Tourism Centre at 613-267-1947 to get your tickets.

And, if you can’t do the tour, here’s what I’ll say: next time you’re walking through Perth, look up. Observe. Read the signs. Soak it in.



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