The Town Crier Championships: The Highlight Reel

Town crier group shotThe 2016 Provincial Town Crier Championships took place in Perth, Ontario this past weekend and it was our town’s second Signature Event to commemorate our 200th Anniversary this year.

Running from Saturday, May 21 to Sunday, May 22, the Provincial Town Crier Championships saw 17 town criers arrive in Perth to compete in the two-day event. It consisted of three cries over the weekend, and to showcase just how much fun we all had…

Here’s the Highlight Reel:

LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT. We had four of the participating town criers tell us they’d move to Perth. They absolutely fell in love with it.

LOCAL BIZ CONNECTION. The Bandstand location was a gorgeous setting for the promotional cry in which the criers were teamed up with local businesses, and they performed a cry on that business’ behalf. One of the business owners who had closed her shop to watch the cry, kept trying to leave. But…she couldn’t. She enjoyed the cries so much, she stayed for the entire thing.

GREEN T-SHIRTS. If you attended the event this weekend, you would have spotted the green Perth 200th T-shirts. Those people were either town staff or volunteers helping to make the event run so smoothly. *Slow Clap* for their time and commitment.

A COUNCIL CRY. Deputy Mayor John Gemmell gave it a shot at the Town Crier dinner Saturday night. He belted out a cry, and commended the criers for their skills.

HISTORY LESSONS. The third and final cry on Sunday, May 22 saw the criers outline a specific component of Perth’s history. We learned about Homecoming weeks from years past, the Mammoth Cheese, and even when the town installed plumbing! ( It was 1903). The Town Criers said that third cry was one of the BEST rounds they have ever witnessed in all the competitions they’ve attended! They loved the Crystal Palace setting, the topic and, most importantly,  the crowd.

THE CROWD. We witnessed about 250 people attend each cry. It was amazing to see so many people come out to see what it was all about. It started with curiosity and by the time they left, they were hooked. We really liked getting feedback from the criers themselves. They said they were really impreTown Crier Trophyssed by just how engaged our crowds were over the course of the weekend.

THE WINNERS. Andrew Welch representing the Towns of Erin and Caledon walked away with the highest score and thus declared the winner. Kingston’s Chris Whyman earned second place. Because Welch isn’t a member of the Ontario Guild of Town Criers, Whyman received the Guild’s Trophy. Third place went to Bill McKee of the Townships of Uxbridge and Scugog and Oshawa.

OUR TOWN CRIER (AND HIS BETTER HALF). Perth’s Town Crier Brent McLaren and his wife, Shelley, are the brains behind the entire weekend. They’ve spent years organizing this year’s Championship, and put in some real time to make it an well organized event. They received full props from fellow criers for hosting such a memorable event.

Overall, the Town Crier Championships was an amazing weekend, and the community support and enthusiasm for such an event was unforgettable. This Signature Event will truly be earmarked in the 200th Anniversary Celebrations Hall of Fame Collection (assuming there is one!).

Our Events wouldn’t happen without the incredible support of our sponsors.


2 thoughts on “The Town Crier Championships: The Highlight Reel

  1. Daniel Richer says:

    Great weekend and Bravo to the Host Crier his Lady and an amazing group of volunteers… But in you Highlight Reel you forgot the historic changing of Best Escort Category to Best Consort (much more fitting) The Winner was Lady Julia Dudley of the National Capital Region Ottawa-Gatineau


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