The Blue Rodeo Concert Site Plan

The Blue Rodeo Concert taking place in Perth, Ontario on Saturday, July 23, 2016 is going to be fan-tab-ulous! We’re so excited to welcome them to town and have a good time celebrating our 200th anniversary during Homecoming Weekend. We’re just as excited to be celebrating with you. Good vibes all around.

Here’s a site plan of the concert at the Perth Fairgrounds:

Blue Rodeo Concert Perth Ontario

Rogers Road is at the bottom of this map and Scotch Line is to the right.

This is the set up of the concert, which will take place on the “South” end closer to Scotch Line. The big yellow square is the main stage, and the smaller one is the VIP Section. The drink vendors will be located on the other side of the field, closest to Arthur Street.


To the left of this area, there will be a fence dividing the Fairgrounds into two. The first two gates (which will be located in the Lions Hall side parking lot and on the track closest to Arthur Street), will be where you give your Blue Rodeo ticket , and we’ll have scanners to allow you access.

The gates open at 6 p.m. and you can bring your own lawn chair, or just plan to stand. It’s General Admission (other than the VIP area), so it will be a first-come, first-serve basis. That said, we’ll divide the Blue Rodeo area into two sections: lawn chair and standing. That way, those who want to stand won’t be standing in front the lawn chairees (sure, that’s a word).


There will be a Gate 3 in the center of the Fairgrounds at the fence. It will be a re-entry point ONLY. It means if you come to the concert early, set down your lawn chair, but want to get into the BBQ Block Party for dinner, you can use the re-entry gate. You’ll get a wristband which will prove you’ve already gone through the ticket line.

You can then enjoy the BBQ Block Party, eat dinner and listen to live, local music before the Blue Rodeo Concert!


If you or your loved one needs accessibility, we’ll have on-site parking. Enter through the Rogers Road gate and show your Blue and White sticker. We’ll do our best to get you on-site parking.

Then, we’ll do our best to arrange for a volunteer to guide you through the crowd and provide any assistance as needed.


On-site parking at the Perth Fairgrounds will be limited to vendors, volunteers and those with an accessibility sticker. We’re working on a parking plan, but a few suggestions includes the side streets in the neighbourhood, Conlon Farm, and park and walk from the downtown area.

If you park at the Crystal Palace Parking lot, it’s only 1.0641 km away from the Perth Fairgrounds (Yes, we Google Pedometered the distance!). We’ll keep you posted on the parking options in the coming weeks.

Are you a Visual Learner?

Here’s a Facebook Live Video outlining the site plan.


We’d recommend you don’t delay. As of today (June 10, 2016), there are only 134 tickets left! You can purchase them at


2 thoughts on “The Blue Rodeo Concert Site Plan

  1. Josie And Merv Roberts says:

    Looking forward to the ribs and Blue Rodeo….great planning. As past President of the Lioness club of Perth, I would like to see more notes on food available ALSO at the Lioness booth at the original entrance gate…burgers, fries, etc…….all proceeds go back into Perth area for the less fortunate. Josie Roberts, 267-3769



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