Pick Your Volunteer Position for Homecoming Weekend!

Sign up for your Volunteer Role at the Perth 200 Homecoming Weekend!

Hello, our future favourite Perth 200 volunteer!Perth 200 Volunteers

We’ve finalized the volunteer needs for the Blast from the Past Homecoming Weekend from July 22-24, 2016, and boy, oh, boy are we ever happy you are interested in becoming a Perth 200 Volunteer! (or, at least we hope you will be by the time you read this enticing message!).

The Homecoming Weekends events don’t happen without the good, hard work of volunteers. The Fire and Ice and Town Crier Championship events were clear indicators that we’ve got some good volunteers in our community!

From the Military Tattoo to the Homecoming Parade to the Blue Rodeo concert, we have put together the roles, dates and times in an online platform called,Sign Up Genius.

When you click on the link, you’ll see ALL the available volunteer roles and times available for the weekend. Please take a look and you can sign up right on the spot. We’ll then connect with you in the coming weeks to finalize your position, as well as host a training session/overview, depending on the role you select. You’ll also get a Perth 200 Volunteer t-shirt!


Perth Rotary ClubIf you’d rather work at the BBQ Block Party, then swing on over to the Perth Rotary Club’s Sign Up Genius Page.

Questions about a specific volunteer position? Just fill out the Contact Us form and Cathy James will get back to you.

Thank you so much for giving your time and effort to what’s going to be an unforgettable weekend!

– The Perth 200th Anniversary Crew


5 thoughts on “Pick Your Volunteer Position for Homecoming Weekend!

  1. MaryAnne Robertson says:

    Was wondering if there has been any thought about a place or board or list where people can connect with relatives. For instance people visiting might be looking for certain families , they might know their names through genealogy but they have never met. Perhaps there are cousins still living in Perth.


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