Thank You.

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It’s hard to put into the words to define the kind of weekend we just experienced here in Perth. It literally takes a village (or Town of 6,000) to make something happen, and that’s exactly what occurred during our Blast from the Past Homecoming Weekend.

We’re floored. We’re honoured. We’re proud.

The weekend integrated so many parts of our community. The builders. The clergy. The politicians. The cooks. The musicians. The dancers. The creators. And…the doers.

The volunteers, partners and sponsors brought these ideas to life, and it’s difficult to pinpoint just one weekend highlight.

From us to you: Thank You.


7 thoughts on “Thank You.

  1. Colleen says:

    I had a blast from the past weekend. Everything was so organized. The volunteers and police and all that had anything to do were friendly and helpful. Thanks again for a wonderful weekend. I can’t say it enough. I hope we have more ribfests and music in the park and the fair grounds. I had 10 people from out of town and they were really impressed. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!


  2. K W Mahon says:

    Thank you very much for all the planning and organization to make the week-end such a memorable time.Our family thoroughly enjoyed all activities and the reunion Fri evening returned many familiar faces. Thank you again. Dr. K W Mahon


  3. Josephine Roberts says:

    Thank you! So well orchestrated both downtown and at the fairgrounds….can we do it again next summer? Josie and Merv Roberts of Otty Lake/Perth.



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