Perth Ontario 200th Anniversary

Founded by Scottish immigrants following the War of 1812, Perth, Ontario is a popular tourist destination.

Perth Ontario will celebrate its 200th Anniversary in 2016.

Settled in 1816, Heritage Perth is located on the Tay River in Eastern Ontario, set against a backdrop of beautiful heritage architecture and plenty of open natural spaces. Perth is a small town with a big vision of how life should be and we are proud of our strong community spirit. For 200 years, we have been setting goals and moving ahead at a deliberate pace – just as our Town motto says – Make Haste Slowly. Perth has grown with a strong sense of pride, prosperity and determination. As a community, we continue to foster the high expectations of our ancestors.

Over the years, Perth has witnessed so many of its residents accomplish great things. Whether it’s a politician who helped establish Queen’s University (William Morris), or an equestrian who earned an Olympic bronze medal (Ian Millar), our town is proud of those who have made a difference.

Athletics, art and music are Perth staples, giving residents are wide array of choice when it comes to filling up our social calendars.

From lifetime locals to summer cottagers, Perth’s residents are proud to call such a beautiful place home. We’re Perth Proud. And for good reason.

Learn more about the Town of Perth’s 200th Anniversary Celebration Plans

Discover the Souvenirs commemorating the Perth 200th.

Find out how you can Sponsor the Perth 200th Anniversary Celebrations.


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