The Perth 200th Logo

The Perth 200th Logo was created by Perth native David Bromley, and Logo - Perth 200 Colour Logo© (2)designed to give a strong visual image as well as a dynamic identity for the Town’s 200th Celebration in 2016. The design truly reflects the history and the character of the Town of Perth, and its many related themes, such as heritage, recreation, and community life. The logo incorporates images representing:

  • historical architecture with the iconic Town Hall;
  • the strong influence and importance of the rural community and agriculture;
  • the historic Tay River;
  • the military settlement beginnings in 1816;
  • duelling pistols used in Canada’s Last Fatal Duel;
  • Scottish heritage with the Scotch Thistle, and;
  • Perth’s long and storied sports history is depicted with an
    image of Ian Millar on Big Ben.

The logo has been copyrighted by the Town of Perth and is available for use by community groups upon approval by the Perth 200th Advisory Panel.

The Town has a Logo ID Guide that provides information on permissions and terms of use. If you’d like to use the Perth 200th Logo in your event marketing, please fill out a Logo Application Form and email it to You can also read the Perth 200th Logo Use Guidelines.


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