Blue Rodeo Concert

Blue Rodeo plans to perform a sold-out show at the Perth Fairgrounds on Saturday, July 23 from 8-9:30 p.m. We are giving you the rundown on the Blue Rodeo Concert, the site plan and how to plan out your night of magic in Perth, Ontario!

That night, we are opening up the gates at 6 p.m. to the Blue Rodeo concert, but these gates are located inside the Fairgrounds. You can come to the Fairgrounds any time, as the BBQ Block Party will be going on all day long! We encourage you to come to the BBQ Block Party, enjoy some dinner and live entertainment before making your way to the other side of the Fairgrounds for the Blue Rodeo concert.

Here is the site plan:


You’ll go through the main gates off Arthur Street, get carded for age of majority, and receive a wristband if you are of age. You’ll then walk into the Fairgrounds and the BBQ Block Party will be straight ahead. The General Admission Gates will be to your left.


The gates for the Blue Rodeo concert open at 6 p.m. There will be two Blue Rodeo gate entrances (which will be located in the Lions Hall side parking lot and on the track closest to Arthur Street), and it’s where you must present your Blue Rodeo ticket. We’ll have scanners to allow you access.


Please have your printed ticket ready to show at the gated entrance. If you purchased the tickets in person from Tickets Please, or picked up the tickets from their shop, then ensure you bring your tickets with you. If you purchased the tickets online, please print them at home and bring them with you to the concert.


You can bring your own lawn chair, or just plan to stand. It’s General Admission (other than the VIP area), so it will be a first-come, first-serve basis. That said, we’ll divide the Blue Rodeo area into two sections: lawn chair and standing (see the site plan). That way, those who want to stand won’t be standing in front the lawn chairees (sure, that’s a word).



please don’t have umbrellas during performance so other guests can see.


If you have a VIP ticket, then you can head right over to the VIP Entrance! It is a special access gate for VIP ticket holders only, located in the center of the Fairgrounds, by the Stonecarvers’ Tent. Show your ticket, and you’ll be given a lanyard to grant you access to the VIP section. Just follow the signs.



There will be a Re-entry gate located in the center of the Fairgrounds at the fence. It will be a re-entry point ONLY. It means if you come to the concert early, set down your lawn chair, but want to get into the BBQ Block Party for dinner, you can use the re-entry gate. You cannot go back through the gates you entered from. At the Re-entry gate, you’ll get a wristband which will prove you’ve already gone through the ticket line.

You can then enjoy the BBQ Block Party, eat dinner and listen to live, local music before the Blue Rodeo Concert! You’d then use the Re-entry gate to gain access back into the Blue Rodeo site (rather than having to go through the ticket gates again).


The Concert venue will be licensed, and we’re thrilled to have the Perth Brewery and Kinyards Winery serving their products that evening. To purchase drinks, you’ll need to first stop at a drink ticket tent, purchase drink tickets, and then make your way over to the drink vendors. The drink tickets can only be purchased with cash. The BBQ Block Party will have an ATM on site. There will also be water for sale.


If you or your loved one needs accessibility, we’ll have on-site parking. Enter through the Rogers Road gate and show your Blue and White sticker. You’ll then turn right onto the track, and follow the track until you’re greeted by volunteers who will guide you toward the parking set aside for accessibility. It’s in a space closest to the concert facing Arthur Street, so you’ll be very close to the concert location. We don’t have a specialized seating area for accessibility, but there will be the lawn chair section for chairs.


On-site parking at the Perth Fairgrounds is only for vendors, volunteers and those with an accessibility sticker. But we’ve come up with parking options for concert goers:

You CAN park at:

  • The McAdoo/Brown Shoe Parking lot on Rogers Road
  • Conlon Farm
  • St. John Catholic High School
  • Algonquin College (Shuttle Service Option)
  • Downtown- Crystal Palace (Shuttle Service Option)



To help out with the parking situation, the Town of Perth is going to provide FREE shuttle service from Martin’s Bus Line from Crystal Palace and Algonquin College from 5-8 p.m. and 9:30-11 p.m. There will be a few buses running non-stop, but it comes at a first-come, first-served basis. Please be courteous to your fellow Blue Rodeo fans.

If you’re comfortable walking, the Crystal Palace is one kilometre from the Fairgrounds, and Algonquin College is 1.5 km.


To address what’s expected to be a large crowd coming into the Fairgrounds, Arthur Street (the street outside the main Fairgrounds entrance), will be closed to traffic from 5-11 p.m. If you want to do a drop-off, we’d recommend doing it a street or two away. The public cannot get access into the Fairgrounds via Rogers Road – only via Arthur Street.


Here’s a Facebook Live Video outlining the site plan.

Have we forgotten anything? Then please send us a note by Contacting Us so we can help you out.

We can’t wait to sing, dance and connect at this special concert, and we’ll see you there!