200 Events

In 2016, we plan to find 200 ways to celebrate all that the Perth region has to offer!

As part of its anniversary plans, Perth wants to showcase have 200 sanctioned events happening in the Perth area in 2016. What does this mean? Essentially, it’s putting together a roster of local events happening in 2016 and showcasing it. To. The. World (cue fireworks).

The Town of Perth itself will be hosting three Signature Events. But part of the Perth area’s charm has to do with its active sports community, arts community, historical-focused community, and more. We want to ensure we give these events a tip of the ol’ hat when it comes to celebrating our town’s milestone anniversary.

We’re currently putting this list together, but in the meantime, check out what the Perth Military Settlement’s Joint Committee put together in a beautifully polished document:

2016 Calendar list of events

The Perth 200th Advisory Panel invites event organizers to consider having their event be a 200th anniversary sanctioned event in 2016. This means the event can use the Perth 200 Logo and it will be listed on our website and in a special downloadable program for our website visitors. If you’d like for your event to be considered as one of the 200 events listed for 2016, please fill out the form below:


If you’d like to use the Perth 200th Logo in your event marketing, please fill out a Logo Application Form and email it to cathy@catscovecommunications.com. You can also read the Perth 200th Logo Use Guidelines.


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