Legacy Dry Stone Project

The Town of Perth is thrilled to welcome Dry Stone Canada to Perth during Homecoming Weekend!

Over the course of three days, approximately 60 masons – from master to amateur – will gather at the former outdoor swimming pool pad and create a gorgeous dry stone bridge and wall. We’ll be welcoming masons from Canada, the U.S. and the U.K. to craft this project. The workshop will include instruction from a master mason, and the creation of a dry stone wall that will remain as a legacy feature for the Town of Perth.

To learn more about the Dry Stone Canada Legacy Project, check out this Presentation (PDF – click on image below)

Drystone Project

The Kids’ ROCK Zone!

The 2016 Kid’s ROCK! zone is planned and run by the students of the Early Childhood Education Program at Algonquin College’s Perth campus. Kid’s ROCK is open to children of the participants of the Canadian Dry Stone Walling Festival (being held on Mill Street) and the public (if accompanied by a parent). Kids will build miniature stone structures, play games, and listen to stories about stones, legendary masons, and more!  Parents can register their kids for this fun, safe and educational experience by coming to the Kid’s ROCK! registration table at any time during the three-day festival.

To learn more about the project and to sign up for the workshop, please visit the Dry Stone Canada website.

The Legacy Dry Stone Canada Project has happened with the thanks to the following sponsors:

Upper Canada Stone

Algonquin College Perth Campus



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