Perth 200th bottles and books

The Perth 200th Anniversary Cookbooks and Waterbottles can be purchased at the Perth Museum on Gore Street.

Get a piece of Perth history as we will have Perth 200 souvenirs selling throughout the next two years.

We currently have crafted a “Celebrating 200 Years” cookbook, which can be purchased by visiting the Perth Museum (11 Gore St. East – 613-267-1947). The book contains great family recipes which were contributed by residents in this community!

We are also selling stainless steel water bottles which have the 200th logo on the front. These bottles make a great, useful gift while promoting the upcoming celebrations.

All proceeds will support the activities surrounding the Anniversary.  Please stay tuned for further souvenirs that we’ll have for sale, and we’ll include an online shop, so you can order your souvenirs and have them delivered to your home.


2 thoughts on “Souvenirs

  1. Lillian Mackler says:

    I am looking for the coin that was in remembrance of Pierre Trudeau and Margaret were in
    Perth on July 17, 1971 . My daughter was born on that day and it would be nice to have a
    souvenir for her birthday which was yesterday. (45 years ago)


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